Global Webinar| PV module quality control and testing

Why and How to accurately test PV modules 

Wednesday, May 20th


8am- 9am CEST , 2pm- 3pm CEST, 8pm -9pm CEST

Eternalsun Spire invites you to a webinar on Quality Control of PV Modules. WEBINAR CONTENT:
  • What do we see downstream? Our experience from mass PV testing in the port of Rotterdam
  • Why quality control of PV modules is important
  • How to accurately test the latest PV module technologies (half-cut, bifacial etc.)
  • Looking into some main factors which affect measurement uncertainty of high-efficiency modules 
Speaker:  Stefan Roest CTO and co-founder of Eternal Sun Member of IEC 60904-9 revision team
If you are interested in attending and gaining valuable knowledge from industry experts in module testing then please register through the following link:
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