Webinar | Quality Control of PV Modules in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, April 29th 12:30 CET/ 13:30 AST

This webinar was already held

Eternalsun Spire now offers a webinar on Quality Control of PV Modules in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has one of the highest potentials for solar PV power in the world.  Due to the current PV module overcapacity, related low prices and introduction of new technologies, margins of solar installation are becoming smaller. Under such pressure, poor performing or non-optimal PV panels can put at risk the profit of PV installations. Research, testing and quality control are now critical to reduce this risk and assure bankability.


  • Why is PV module quality control important
  • What are the important quality control tests
  • How to perform the tests

Questions can be submitted before the webinar during registration and during the webinar through a chat window!