TCLF - A+A+A+ Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher

The most accurate Laboratory Flasher for power determination, temperature coefficients and energy rating

Engineer testing PV module on a Temperature Control Lab Flasher solar simulator

With the TCLF, RnD and certification labs can perform:

  • Accurate power determination of all new high efficiency modules
  • Testing bifacial PV modules
  • Accurate measurements of temperature coefficients
  • Accurate determination of energy rating

The Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher consists of A+A+A+ Single Long Pulse Spire solar simulator and temperature controlled chamber. The Spire 5600SLP provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements. The system delivers a Class A+ 300nm-1200nm spectrum in addition to Class A + uniformity and temporal stability in combination with a measurement repeatability of ≤ 0.15%. The simulator’s unique feature of 270ms single pulse duration supports maximum module power determination of high-efficiency silicon, thin film, PERC, HIT and multi-junction modules that exhibit internal capacitance effects. The addon temperature control chamber enables accurate temperature related tests. The chamber’s temperature range is 10-85C and temperature uniformity± 1C. The chamber can be added to existing Spire flashers.


Decrease measurement uncertainty of temperature coefficients

The superior light quality and extremely stable & uniform temperature control decrease measurement uncertainty by half, compared to traditional testing setups.

Testing according to International standards

  • IEC 61215: 2016
    Photovoltaic (PV) module Design qualification and type approval
  • IEC 61853-1: 2011
    Energy Rating - Irradiance and temperature performance measurements and power rating (power matrix)

What sets this product apart

  • 2 70ms

    Xenon Single Long Pulse up to 270ms

    Accurately measure high capacitive PV modules such as PERC, HIT, IBC etc. without software correction

  • A+A+A+ IEC 60904-9 ed. 3 ready

    Simulated light with wavelengths between 300 and 1200nm ensures true Pmax output

  • Extremely uniform temperature control

    Temperature range from 15 to 75 °C with ±1°C temperature uniformity on 9 sensors

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