BBA Large Area Steady State

Continuous light solar simulator to perform stabilization, hotspot and safety test of PV modules according to IEC standards

steady state solar simulator for PV modules

The BBA steady state solar simulator was designed to meet the requirements of PV test labs, certification bodies and research institutes for fast stabilization and temperature tests in an indoor controlled environment.

The BBA light soaker has lamp lifetime up to 9000h and the size of the simulator can be customized to fit two large modules or more. Thanks to cooling fans, the temperature can be stabilized at 50°C.

The user-friendliness of the system is indicated by the automated test procedure and easy lamp replacement.


Meet the IEC norm demands for light soaking

With the BBA steady state, RnD and certification labs can perform:

⇒Stabilization test

⇒Hotspot endurance test

⇒Temperature test

⇒Power determination

Ready for testing according to International standards

  • IEC 61215-1-1: 2016
    Photovoltaic (PV) module Design qualification and type approval
  • IEC 61730: 2016
    Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification

What sets this product apart

  • Increased testing capacity

    The steady state solar simulator can be customized to test 2 or more PV modules

  • Steady state illumination with Insitu IV measurements

    Possibility to add IV system to perform electrical measurements during light soaking

  • Temperature control

    Temperature is stabilized at 50ºC according to IEC requirements

  • IEC compliance

    Test according to IEC 61215:2016 and IEC 61730:2016

  • Fits every module size

    Suitable to test every module size

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