AAA+ High Performance Light Soaker

Study performance and degradation of different PV technologies over time with our temperature-controlled A class steady-state solar simulator.

a researcher places PV module inside a temperature control solar simulator

Eternalsun Spire has developed an AAA+ High-Performance Light Soaker (HPLS) with extremely accurate temperature control and in-situ IV characterization. The system combines AAA+ class steady-state illumination (IEC 60904-9 ed. 3) and extremely accurate and uniform temperature control from 25 to 95 C.

The HPLS enables the study of degradation effects that potentially predict overtime underperformance of solar plants simulating real-life conditions. It can measure the metastability of thin-film modules such as CIGS, CdTe, GaAs; accurately perform IV measurements of OPV, perovskite and tandem cells; perform temperature coefficient and energy rating measurements.

Humidity control can be added.


IEC tests of traditional and innovative PV technologies

With the HPLS, RnD and certification/test labs can perform:

⇒Accurate power determination of all PV module types and technologies

⇒Stabilization and LeTID tests

⇒Accurate temperature coefficient measurements

⇒Energy rating tests

What sets this product apart

  • AAA+ according to IEC 60904-9 ed.3

    Ensure low measurement uncertainty with high-class steady state solar simulator

  • Lightsoaking and Insitu IV measurements

    Accurately measure Pmax of PV modules under continuous light conditions

  • Stable and uniform temperature control

    AAA+ class with insitu measurements in temperature (and humidity) controlled environment

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    Advanced LeTID tests

    Study Light Induced Degradation in Elevated Temperatures (LeTID) to observe PV module performance over time under

  • Proven technology

    Used by leading RnD and test labs since 2011

  • Test every size

    Our solar simulators are suitable to test all PV sizes, from mini-modules up to the largest modules expected in the market

  • Modular design

    Can test 2 modules simultaneously

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