Maximum Power determination for PV module manufacturers

Getting it right every time

PV module manufacturers are facing challenges

PV Module manufacturers want to squeeze every watt out of a module.
Repeatable measurements of the true Pmax are critical to make this happen. New technologies require solar simulators that have a wide solar spectrum and long pulse, to fully yield the energy potential of a module.
  • Price pressure limits maximum allowable OPEX and CAPEX
  • Fast process adaption required for new PV module technologies
  • Control of the entire measurement system (calibration module, procedures, training, environment, simulator, samples)
  • Reproducibility – data correlation between production lines and plants
  • Repeatability – discussions with EPC on module data
  • Measurement uncertainty – 2% loss of value down the value chain
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Eternalsun Spire offers accurate and repeatable Pmax determination to TIER 1 PV manufacturers

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